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Welcome to ProGraphic Software

When a customer calls and wants to re-order a job what do you do?

With ProGraphic press just seven keys to locate the job, click on a job or enter the work order number in the upper right hand corner. Instantly, it will recall the estimate that created the work order and update it with new standards such as increased paper prices, press and bindery rates, etc.

However, in spite of this, ProGraphic will display the old price on the Summary Screen and give you the option of using that price. You control ProGraphic, it does not control you.

Total time: under one minute!

Note: In the “Search for” box we elected to show all work orders.  If, in the “Search for” box,  we entered the letters “HEAD”, only those jobs with “HEAD” anywhere in the job description field would be displayed, making it even easier to locate a previous job.

All items shown may be instantly sorted by Work Order number, Job Description, Date Due, Estimate number, Purchase Order number, and Invoice number!

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