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ProGraphic Estimator
Surveys have shown that print buyers “Requests for Quotation” are far more likely to award a project to first responders.

ProGraphic creates estimates faster, easier, and far more detailed than you ever thought possible. In fact, it`s the fastest, most flexible software available at any price.

With a Detailed Estimate Report you may view every single penny associated with the estimate, so nothing is hidden and you retain complete control.

And your estimate is just the beginning. Create a quotation letter and email it with the press of a few keys. Creating work orders, that you can actually print from, are just as easy,
Work Order Schedules and Stock to Order lists are three clicks / keystrokes away.

When the job is completed, print an invoice and post it to accounts receivable and later apply payments.

ProGraphic is self documenting. The “ProGraphic Assistant” located near the bottom of each screen will display what is required at the current cursor location, no more looking for manuals.

A little explanation about each screen is shown on the left side to demonstrate how shortcut methods built into ProGraphic give you a competitive advantage.

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